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The questions that we are trying to answer in the Gestal Lab include:

  1. How bacteria sense and respond to host immune responses? 

  2. What immune cell populations are critical for the clearance of Bordetella spp. from the respiratory tract?

  3. How can we improve immune responses to bacterial pathogens to enhance the performance of vaccines and therapies? 

  4. What mechanisms of resistance are more prevalent in different countries, specially in developing countries, and how antibiotic stewardship can improve the current situation?

Our funding bodies include

  1. COBRE "Center for applied immunology and pathological processes" project leader - NIAID 
  2. Center of Excellence for Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Award - LSUHS
  3. Louisiana Board of Regents
  4. Start-up package of LSU Health, Shreveport
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